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Anne of Brittany’s stolen and found reliquary prompted me to look at her type in the Enneagram, her natal theme and his story.

Here is the calculation of its planetary forces according to our algorithm:

We see that Pluto and therefore type 8 comes in the lead.

It is only to read his biography to realize his strength of character, she who succeeded his father the Duke of Brittany Francis II, when she was only 12 years.

Here’s what a historian says:

“The only way she wore her head was to guess the future queen of France. Resolved, merciful and charitable, but also the vindictive enemy who did not know how to forgive. ”

At 13 years the Duchess publishes that will be convicted of the crime of lese majesty those of her subjects who rally the camp of the king of France.

Here we recognize Plutonian attributes, and type 8 of the Enneagram.

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