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In this Christmas time I want to share you some researches I did on the dwarf planet Makemake because I found it could be linked to mysticism.

My initial thinking was that in ancient time astrologers use 7 visible planets and since the discovery of new planets (uranus, neptune, pluto) it comes to 10. But 10 looks quite odd for me, because it has no symbolic support at all. The ancients have two rulers by sign (diurnal and nocturnal) and now we keep only one (with no regard if the one we keep is diurnal or nocturnal), because of the arrival of the new ones. But by the way 2 signs are now orphans isn’t ? Could we test certain dwarfs as ruler of Taurus and Virgo ? Eugene Caslant a very famous French astrologer before the discovery of Pluto, already spoke of Pluto, and a transplutonian he named Proserpine.

Since Pluto has been downgraded into a dwarf planet by the IAU my questions was the following :

Why can’t we use the other dwarf planets as well : Ceres, Haumea, Makemake and Eris ? What are the pros and cons ? personally I found a few cons and a lot of pros. Good for a searcher.

I took a series of 1340 cases of religious people in adb and found for Makemake this Gauquelin repartition with a peak in the first plus zone near Ascendant. interesting ? No other planet comes up in Gauquelin sectors including Neptune.

No evidence in Fast Research for houses and signs positions (Placidus), but strong evidences appears for midpoints and aspects (for example Makemake conjunct Sun ).

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