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Bonaparte, Napoleon I; 15.08.1769; 11:30; +0:32:16; Ajaccio, France; 41N55; 8E44;

Calculation of the planetary dominant in the relationship with the Enneagram:

According to our constitutional approach, Napoleon I is classified in type 8. We see that the analysis of his natal chart with the new algorithm of the planetary dominant that we are developing shows a clear predominance of Pluto, the planet associated with type 8.

A simple look at its theme shows us that all the signifiers associated with Pluto are very strong:

Pluto is associated with Scorpio (daytime ruler), Aries (Night ruler), Lion (exaltation), House X (Joy).

Character of Napoleon:

“Death is nothing but living defeated and without glory is dying every day”

Military genius, authoritarian, bravery, quarrelling, arrogant, turbulent, emotional, choleric, unsociable, rebellious, savage, silent, workaholic.

Here are the key words of type 8 of the Enneagram that we can easily apply also to Pluto:


Positive Aspects:

Power. The power to materialize, to materialize and to achieve. Process of incarnation. Maturity. Loyalty. Protection. Influence. Stability. Strength. Depth. Calm and tranquility, self-confidence. obstinacy. Revelation of the hidden aspects of our being. Good anchorage in the material world. Realism. Willful, stoic, tenacious.


Heaviness. Gravity. Distortion of reality. Unbridled or insufficiently developed sensory imagination and perception. Insensitivity. Apathy and total indifference of feelings. Cruelty. Abuse and sadism. desire for power and domination over others. Unfair, stubborn and obstinate. Revenge. Automation. Ignorance. Prejudice.

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