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Anne of Brittany, who has the peculiarity of having been twice Queen of France, had two husbands (Charles VIII and then Louis XII) 8 children including 5 male children and a daughter who died shortly after their births. Only survived two girls.

Most commonly accepted birth, on 25 01 1477, Nantes, at 05h45. We use whole sign house system (according to Greek astrology).

Anne of Brittany was a very fertile woman (Taurus intercepted in house 5), Taurus being a fertile sign.

However, the daytime Ruler of House V, Proserpine is in Scorpion in exile testifying hardship with children. The nocturnal RulerVenus is in Sagittarius in house XII confirming the notion of hardship with the children.

House VIII contains The first part of the children (ASC + Saturn – Jupiter at night birth) and helps to refine the problem related to children.

The children’s Lot in VIII tells us about the death of the children,

  1. Conjonctio with Saturn who is in exile in Lion: Saturn swallowed his children at birth.
  2. Square with Proserpine, Ruler of the V, in exile in Scorpio: Demeter to avenge the abduction of Proserpine by Pluto had slaughtered on the Earth a whole series of woes.
  3. Square at the house V itself.
  4. Opposed to the Sun exile in Aquarius; The Lot of children being in Lion, his master is the Sun this opposition takes on great value.

We see that, although this woman was very fertile, none of her male children survived and thus could not give a dolphin to France.

Without the knowledge of the Lot of the children (ref.: Bonatti on Lots, translated by Benjamin dikes), the astrological prognosis would have been poor.

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