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genotype and phenotype

The phenotype is the whole set of characters (or psycho-physical traits) we can observe on an individual. Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine  classifies all human phenotypes in three big taxons (dosha): Wind (Vata), Bile (Pita) and Phlegm (Kapha). All the homeopathic remedies represents a particular phenotype and can fit  into these three categories.  For example (according to our researches) Sulfur is Wind-dominant, Lachesis Phlegm-dominant and Iodum Bile-dominant.

In front of a patient, we need to determine to which Dosha/humor does he belong, and this will direct the choice of a remedy that belongs to this phenotype. This is called the constitutional or phenotypical similar. It’s thus possible to say that my patient has for example a Sulfur phenotype.

Each of the three phenotypical taxons have physiological weaknesses.The most similar remedy, the simillimum, will allow a better regulation of their genomic expression and modify the phenotype for a better health.

This website is dedicated to the homeopathic treatment of chronic diseases and a new level in the law of similar, the constitutional similar.

We already knew local similar that applies to acute diseases and to palliation in incurable chronic diseases and global similar.
Global similar applies to both constitutional diseases and chronic infectious diseases, two kinds of diseases that Hahnemann distinguished.

Constitutional similar is a specialization of the global similar applied to constitutional diseases. It is based on a new tool, the integrative typology model that allows to diagnose the constitution, classify all the remedies of the materia medica and to apply the law of similar at this level, i.e. in case of constitutional diseases (psoric) to give a remedy that belong to the constitution of the patient.

This website is presenting the basics fundamentals and practical applications of this new concept and is essentially written for professional homeopaths but it will be beneficial for lay persons as well.

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