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genotype and phenotype

The phenotype is the whole set of characters (or psycho-physical traits) we can observe on an individual. Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine  classifies all human phenotypes in three big taxons (dosha): Wind (Vata), Bile (Pita) and Phlegm (Kapha). All the homeopathic remedies represents a particular phenotype and can fit  into these three categories.  For example (according to our researches) Sulfur is Wind-dominant, Lachesis Phlegm-dominant and Iodum Bile-dominant.

In front of a patient, we need to determine to which Dosha/humor does he belong, and this will direct the choice of a remedy that belongs to this phenotype. This is called the constitutional or phenotypical similar. It’s thus possible to say that my patient has for example a Sulfur phenotype.

Each of the three phenotypical taxons have physiological weaknesses.The most similar remedy, the simillimum, will allow a better regulation of their genomic expression and modify the phenotype for a better health.

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