Homeopathic Strategies in Chronic Diseases

Integrative Typology Model

In homeopathy, we balance the ground or the constitution. To do this the homeopathic practitioner looks for a remedy, called the simillimum, who will play this role.

This research is not a simple task and to simplify it, we have developed a method to diagnose the nature of the Kingdom that the patient needs: mineral, plant or animal.

The integrative typology model (ITM) proposes a classification based on the four elements of the tradition earth, water, fire and air. Thus, according to Oriental medicines, each person has a constitution with a dominant element. There are earth constitutions, water constitutions, etc…


The diagnosis of the constitution makes it possible to determine the Kingdom that the patient needs.

Here is the correspondence:

  • Earth: Mineral Remedy
  • Water and fire: Animal remedy
  • Air: Plant Remedy.

In a very schematic way:

The earth gives a sense of concrete, perseverance and a great need for security. Water gives charm, compassion, seduction, emotion and a great need for affection. Fire gives vivacity, fighting spirit, clarity and a great need for justice. Finally, Air gives efficiency, curiosity, motivation and a great need to feel recognized.

I am currently writing a book intended for homeopathic practitioners: constitutional homeopathy, Tome 1, Diagnosis of the Kingdom, which should come out in the first semester 2019. Stay tuned!

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