Homeopathic Strategies in Chronic Diseases

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Hahnemann puts in his book “chronic diseases” Psora, sycosis and syphilis on a kind of equal level, and indeed it induces at least two types of confusion: first is that psora is an infectious disease, and the second is that only exist three “miasma” or chronic diathesis as the French homeopaths have names them.

Simply reading the founder’s books clarifies actually the two confusions.

On one hand we shall see, in Hahnemann’s work, psora does not equal scabies while syphilis is syphilis. What he calls Psora has nothing to do with the nosological scabies, unlike syphilis, the figwarts and tuberculosis that he defines nosologically perfectly. There can therefore be no confusion about that.

Furthermore, Hahnemann did not limite to three the number of chronic diseases as at the end of his life he speak of tuberculosis as another miasma (in “preface to the American translation of the Organon by Charles Hempel “). So there is no reason to idealize those famous three miasmas as a kind of homeopathic trinity that should not be touched.

On this basis it can be concluded that there are on one side, chronic diseases called psoric and we’ll see what they represent and on the other side, infectious chronic diseases, the number of which cannot of course be limited to the syphilis, genital figwarts or tuberculosis.

Having given the name of psora to the “nine-headed hydra”, we will analyze how Hahnemann describes and includes this entity since it appears that this is not what is medically meant by scabies.

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